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Welcome to the Rockies!
by Chris Korman posted 3/17/2023

Hey all,

Welcome to the 2023 CRC Baseball season! We're excited that your child has joined the league and are looking forward to a great season.

The two of us -- Chris Korman and Chris Rhodovi -- are sharing head coaching duties. We're both longtime CRC volunteers. Dave Blohm (pitchers and catchers) and Ryan Kavalsky will be joining as assistants. If you're interested in helping, please let us know!

Your child will be playing in the Single A level, which features ... real, actual baseball. Kids will pitch to kids. Balls and strikes will be called (by an umpire!). Runs will be recorded. Games are supposed to last six innings. It should be a blast. Challenging! But fun.

If you head over to the Cockeysville Baseball site, you'll find a lot of valuable information. In the "Documents" section (last item on the left-hand menu) you can find full rules for our league. Navigate over to find information on our team -- the Single A Rockies -- for practice schedules and other team information.


For the first part of the season, we'll use the following schedule:

  • Saturday morning (9 a.m.)

  • Monday evening (6 p.m.)

  • Wednesday evening (6 p.m.) 

Practices are located on Field 2 at Padonia International Elementary. Field 2 is the furthest from the library, close to the Skate Park (which is probably a good place to park.)

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for practice so kids can get warmed up and ready to go. We're going to have a lot to get through before the first game of the season. This will be a big jump for these players and we want to make sure they are ready.


The full game schedule is being worked out. We will end up playing games against teams from both Hereford and Carroll Manor. We'll share information on that as soon as we can.


The goal for the season will be to have fun and help each player develop their all-around skills. The rules of the league dictate that every player bats (i.e. if all 13 kids show up to the game, our lineup will run 13 players deep) and also prevents teams from using the same player at the same position over and over. The whole goal idea is to give all the kids a chance to try different positions and get a good feel for the game.


We will have uniforms -- a hat, jersey, pants and socks -- at the first practice on April 1. You should make sure your child wears long pants (baseball pants or sweatpants) to EVERY practice. In our league, players MUST slide when they reach a base other than first where a play could be made. 

All players should have non-metal cleats, as well, and a baseball glove (we have extras if you need one, though; just let us know). There's no need to bring your own bat, as the league provides a few for the team to use. But if you want to buy one, please consult the rules so that you purchase one that is approved for use in our league.

The league also provides catcher's gear for those players who'd like to try to become the next Adley Rutschman. If your son is included in that group, please make sure he wears a protective cup to practices and games. 

If you need advice on any equipment, please reach out.


If you're receiving this email, it means that your address is in the official CRC system. If you'd prefer to use a different email, or to add a parent or other caregiver to this list, please respond to this email with updated contact information so we can keep our list up-to-date. Never hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

  • Chris K. can be reached at 646-753-2637 or 

  • Chris R. is at 410-375-0277 and   

We're happy to answer any questions you may have, and would love to have any information you might want to share about how best to work with your child. Looking forward to a great season.


Coaches Chris K. and Chris R.